Development of the Instrument Layout for a Desalination Plant (Oman)

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We are currently carrying out the detailed engineering of a large capacity desalination plant located in the Gulf of Oman, producing 100,000 m3 of water per day.

To locate quickly and visually the different elements that are distributed in a plant, layouts are essential. In particular, to locate the instruments of the different systems in our plant, we have developed an instrument layout.

To carry out this plan, based on previous documentation and on the general layout of the plant, we will place, one by one and paying special attention to their correct location, all the instruments with their respective tags. In Image 1 we can see the location of the instruments belonging to the antiscalant and sodium metabisulfite systems.

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Figure 1. Location of instruments belonging to the antiscalant and sodium metabisulfite systems.

In addition, on each page of the layout a table has been added as a summary with the information of all the instruments found on that page. In Figure 2 we can see the table of the instruments that appear in Figure 1.

Figure 2. Table of instruments of the antiscalant and sodium metasulfite systems.

In Figure 3 we can see both the location and the table of the wastewater pretreatment instruments.

Figure 3. Location and table of wastewater pretreatment instruments