Design of Photovoltaic Plants in BIM (Spain)



BIM technology has been used for years in construction and engineering projects to facilitate project management and construction. To date, BIM has not yet been firmly implemented in certain fields of construction. One of these is photovoltaic installations.

MEP-PROJECTS is a pioneer in the integration of photovoltaic plants into the BIM system. For this, we use the latest innovation in dedicated software, managed by experts in the field of 3D modeling.

MEP-PROJETS has realized the BIM system integration of more than 5 PV plants up to 140 MWp during 2022, making us the industry leader.

The 3D models integrated in BIM are made for all the electromechanical systems of the plant (metallic structures, calculations, electrical equipment) as well as civil works (earthworks, roads, trenches and pipelines, etc.).