Currently the market demands a view of engineering projects where, using virtual reality, we will be able to visualize the designs made from an early design phase. Customers need to understand their projects from a perspective that comes close to reality, getting that compression in an easier and faster way through 3D vision.

However, images showing a more static reality are not enough for MEP-Projects. We’ve gone a step further, we allow our clients to move within the reality that is being constructed (virtual reality) through videos.

In this harmony, MEP-Projects moves day by day, developing the best applications to approach this objective as requested as necessary. For this reason, we grow not only in the knowledge of different programs, but also in the improvement of the resources we have. So, our new acquisitions for our BIM Team have been: Three new GTX 1080 graphics cards, which guarantee the efficiency and capacity of the work carried out.

Picture 1 - Rendered view of electrical substation