Mep-projects is a global firm constituted by a team of engineers, architects and designers, which develops highly efficient solutions within the various sectors previously shown. To offer the best solution to our customers, we have the most innovative design tools and highly qualified experts.

Energy is the engine of the world. Directly or indirectly, in one way or another, energy is linked to all the activities we develop in our day to day. That is why MEP-Projects focuses its efforts on developing energy generation and distribution projects, renewable energy sources and centralized systems, among others, achieving high levels of efficiency and savings.

  • Diesel generation 
  • Solar energy 
  • Wind power 
  • Combined cycle power plant
  • Bioenergy 
  • Hydroelectric plants 
  • Power transmission and distribution lines

Desalination is, today, a growing and undeniable need in certain areas of the planet.The shortage of rains and the presence of salt water, postulate the construction of desalination plants as one of the best solutions to satisfy the need for drinking water in those places where it is a scarce resource.
In MEP-Projects we have an expert team in the design and complete development of efficient desalinators that really meet the needs, guaranteeing a sustainable production that respects the environment.
  • Pumping stations
  • Desalination plants 
  • Irrigation and drainage facilities 
  • Wastewater networks 
  • Wastewater treatment 


Today’s society is moving towards a globalization and continuous industrialization worldwide, which could not be understood without an increasingly versatile and flexible industry development. This forces us to have a multidisciplinary team that covers the different areas of the industrial world and allows us to achieve an optimal design in all its aspects.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary team formed by graduates and specialists and the experience acquired through the management of different technologies, MEP-Projects has the ability to develop all types of industrial projects ensuring customer satisfaction through efficient, safe and current facilities.

  • Aeronautics industry
  • Food industry
  • Naval industry
  • Mining
  • General manufacturing

Most of our time was spent making use of buildings with multiple purposes: industrial, residential, leisure, health, public services … The design of each building involves technical requirements and specific needs to achieve the maximum degree of satisfaction of their users That is why MEP-Projects puts at the service of its clients a specialized human team trained in the use of the most avant-garde and effective technologies that exist.

MEP-Projects is a company committed to energy efficiency and the environment, offering solutions that combine maximum customer satisfaction with a respectful and supportive energy culture with the environment

  • Residential buildings and hotels 
  • Arts and culture 
  • Education, health and commercial 
  • Logistics