We are MEP-Projects, a Spanish company, which specialises in providing independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas to governments, industries, developers and construction firms. Most consulting engineering services are offered through consulting companies, but are also frequently offered by sole practitioners. Our activity is developed both nationally and internationally, establishing our headquarters in Seville.

Our company is constituted by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified experts, with extensive experience in the different sectors of activity, using the most advanced hardware and software in Design, Analysis and Calculation, which allows us to offer the most optimal solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

MEP-Projects carries out the development of its projects, contributing solutions committed to its strong corporate ethic in the development of a more sustainable world.

Our team

Huberto Iñigo
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Francisco Gallego
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
José Manuel Bucarat
Engineering Manager
Ester Chinchilla
Deputy Engineering Manager
Mª Carmen Lay
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Marta Tudela
Administration Lead
Alfonso Mateos
Lead MEP-Projects Canada
Estefanía Caballero
Engineering Team Lead & Services Manager
Francisco Martín de Juan
Business Development Manager
Cristina Tudela
HR Manager
Edgar Chacón
Facilities & 3D Design Engineer
Juan Luis Gavira
Sr. Electrical Engineer
José Manuel Canga
Design & Civil Lead Architect
Isaac Esteban
R&D Engineer
Lorena Gallego
Project Designer
Fabián García
Electrical Lead Engineer
Mayte Ayala
Deputy Lead Design & Civil Architect
Juan Bautista
Sr. Principal Architect
David Cabello
Sr Technical Architect
Miguel Chambilla
Project Manager | Substations and Transmission Lines
Rocío Márquez
Architectural Designer
José María Calurano
EICA Design Engineer
Beatriz Tudela
HR Talent Acquisition
Manuel Jesús Gómez
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Alba Jiménez
Architectural Designer
Francisco Javier Marín
EICA Design Engineer
Miguel Jiménez
Project Designer
Francisco Javier Jiménez
EICA Design Engineer
Enrique Gallego
Front-End Developer
Marina Sánchez
Facilities Design Engineer
Paula Pérez
Architectural Designer
Lourdes Guillamón
Business Development & Account Management
Miguel A. Morán
Technical Architect & Facilities Specialist
Jessica Valiente
EICA Design Engineer
Francisco Javier Andrades
EICA Design Engineer
Andrea Ariza
3D Design Architect
Vicente Benítez
EICA Design Engineer
Marta Amaya
EICA Design Engineer


In MEP-Projects we study the needs of the client, with the aim of always offering the option that It is better adapted to the requirements of the project, guaranteeing the quality of all our work.


We work with the most avant-garde hardwares and softwares, which allows us to optimize our resources to the maximum and offer our clients the best solutions.


For us, the priority is our clients, for this reason we are available to them through different means of communication, with a wide schedule of consultations that allows us to respond with brevity and efficiency.


DO-IT is a company created by MEP-PROJECTS whose activity is aimed at the field of ICT. Do-it provides its customers with satisfactory solutions to the needs they demand. Its services are closely related to Industrial Digital Transformation, Augmented Reality, Data Analytics, Internet of Things.


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