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In a Dynamic and diverse environment, civil engineering stands as a cornerstone for bringing various projects to life. In this scenario, MEP-Projects positions itself as a beacon of solutions, offering expertise and commitment in any type of project that demands innovative and precise solutions.

Our trajectory is forged in versatility. From infrastructure planning to the execution of complex works, we tackle each challenge with a unique and adaptable approach. Do you need an efficient structural design for an industrial warehouse? Are you seeking drainage solutions to prevent flooding in a residential project? Do you require an optimized road system for transporting heavy equipment at an energy plant? We make it possible.

Within civil engineering, our team covers diverse branches, adapting to the specific needs of each project:

      1. This initial phase is fundamental, involving terrain manipulation to tailor it to Project needs. Activities include excavation, backfilling, leveling, and soil compaction for constructing roads in photovoltaic plants, platforms for electrical substations, flood containment walls, among others.
      2. Structural Calculation and Design. We specialize in structural and foundation calculations, considering all values for a comprehensive analysis of loads, material properties, mathematical modeling, and compliance with regulations. We offer cost-effective solutions in metal structures for industrial warehouse, electrical substation structures, photovoltaic structure foundations, piles for buildings in desalination plants, among others.
      3. Road Design. Crucial for transporting heavy and smaller vehicles. We analyze and design roads considering topography and geotechnical conditions, complying with state and international regulations. This includes roads in photovoltaic plants, access to electrical substations, transportation of critical equipment, among others.
      4. Drainage Works. We design systems to control water Flow, preventing floods, erosion, or unwanted water accumulation. We create specific solutions such as gutters, trenches in photovoltaic plants, pipes in electrical substations, stormwater drainage in conventional buildings, among others.

Moreover, at MEP-Projects, we have the appropriate tools and methodologies, including the use of BIM for a realistic view of each project’s solutions. We are committed to providing solutions that precisely address your unique challenges and goals.

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of civil engineering solutions, with a multidisciplinary team backed by extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge, adapting to the specific demands of each project. Whether it’s expert terrain manipulation, meticulous structure design, sophisticated drainage system implementation, or functional road creation, we’re prepared to exceed expectations.

MEP-Projects is committed not only to providing technical solutions but also to thoroughly understanding the needs and goals of our clients. We strive to be your trusted partner, ensuring project delivery with quality, efficiency, and full compliance with international regulations and standards.

In a world where innovation and efficiency are essential, our engineering firm positions itself as your strategic ally, offering forward-thinking and comprehensive solutions for any civil project. We are here to turn your challenges into achievements, providing solutions that surpass market expectations.

Initiate the conversation with MEP-Projects or contact us directly for any project in the civil engineering discipline! We’re here to share our specialized knowledge and develop tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Made by José Manuel Mayo Canga-Argüelles (Design & Civil Lead Architect)