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In the field of construction, “conventional facilities” play a fundamental role by providing solid and reliable solutions that encompass various needs. These facilities, rooted in traditional practices, have been meticulously perfected over time, playing a crucial role in the construction of modern structures.

Conventional facilities constitute the basic pillars of any building, often going unnoticed but being essential for the proper functioning of any property. Their proper installation and maintenance are fundamental to ensuring safety and comfort in the spaces where we live and work.

These facilities encompass a wide variety of essential systems in buildings, such as electrical, hydraulic, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), gas, plumbing, lighting, security, and telecommunications installations.

Advantages of Conventional Facilities:

Proven Reliability: Based on established practices, conventional facilities have stood the test of time, providing reliable solutions.

Regulatory Compliance: The use of conventional methods ensures that facilities comply with local regulations and standards, ensuring safety and legal compliance.

Ease of Maintenance: Familiarity with conventional methods facilitates maintenance and repair, reducing costs over the construction’s lifecycle.

Reasonable Initial Costs: In many cases, conventional facilities offer a cost-effective solution compared to more modern and complex approaches.

These facilities are essential for the safe and efficient operation of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The proper integration of these facilities ensures a habitable and operational environment for occupants. It is crucial to consider local and national regulations when designing and installing these infrastructures.

At MEP-PROJECTS, we offer our engineering expertise for the development of all types of conventional facilities, providing tailor-made solutions that balance efficiency, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Made by Edgar Chacón (Facilities & 3D Design Engineer)