Developed Schemes of Peripheral Control Panels in Industrial Plant

Our team was in charge of generating the Developed Outlines of the Peripheral Control Tables, in an industrial plant. The EPLAN Electric P8 software was used for this, with which a total of 5 Peripheral Control Tables were implemented. These schemes, through the use of internationally standardized symbology, allow us to understand the operation and interrelationships of the equipment involved in the process carried out in the plant, facilitate the installation of its wiring, as well as its repair. EPLAN P8 is the software par excellence for the development of electrical projects, and among the advantages of its use, we find the automatic generation of terminal plans, switchgear lists, wiring and quantities thereof, and in the specific case of the Tables of Control, allows us to obtain a Summary of the PLC installed in each frame, facilitating its future programming.

Picture 1- Summary of digital signal output cards
Picture 2 - Developed scheme of an opacimeter
Picture 3 - Instrumentation of one of the elevators of the cement plant
Picture 4 - Vibration sensor of a fan bearing
Picture 5 - Terminal plan
Picture 6 - Interior view of a control panel of the plant