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The effectiveness of the drainage system is crucial to the long-term success of a photovoltaic plant. An effective design efficiently manages rainwater, preventing unfavorable situations that could affect the performance and durability of the installation. Well-planned drainage ensures proper rainwater drainage and evacuation, reducing the risk of flooding and protecting the plant’s roads. Therefore, good design contributes significantly to the operational efficiency and longevity of the project, ensuring successful operation throughout its useful life.

For this reason, MEP-Projects is aware of the importance of drainage in a photovoltaic plant. We are specialized in providing integral solutions for the design and implementation of drainage, recognizing the critical importance of an efficient drainage in the operation of these facilities, and we offer innovative designs that optimize the performance and duration of solar projects.

We understand the importance of flexibility, so we adapt our drainage solutions to the needs and peculiarities of each plant. That is why, in order to achieve an optimal design, we consider a thorough analysis of the terrain, the plant itself and its climatic conditions to be essential. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that all our designs comply with local regulations.

Our design includes:

1. Detailed Plant Analysis:

We performed an exhaustive analysis of the plant, analyzing in detail the hydrological studies and the topography of the terrain. At this point we define the hydrological sub-basins that make up the photovoltaic plant, whose configuration is conditioned by the existing slopes of the terrain.

2. Drainage System Configuration:

Detailed definition of hydrologic sub-basins and meticulous analysis of contour lines play a crucial role in determining the areas of the plant where installation of ditches or other drainage features is required.

3. Calculation of Flows in Hydrological Sub-basins:

We apply rigorous calculations to determine the flow rates in the hydrological sub-basins associated with the plant. This step is fundamental to adequately dimension the drainage system and guarantee its efficiency in different climatic conditions.

4. Accurate Dimensioning of Drainage System Elements:

We carry out the meticulous calculation and dimensioning of each element of the drainage system, which includes ditches, ODT (Cross Drainage Works), speed bumps, among others. This approach ensures optimal functionality and durability of the entire system.

5. Detailed Drawing of Plans:

Our team performs the elaboration of a layout plan of the drainage system, providing a global and orderly view of the distribution of the elements. In addition, we generate detailed drawings that provide a thorough understanding of each component of the drainage system.

In short, MEP-Projects takes a holistic approach to the design of drainage systems for photovoltaic plants. From detailed hydrological analyses to precise dimensioning of elements and meticulous preparation of drawings. We specialize in providing efficient solutions that guarantee optimum performance and maximum functionality of your photovoltaic plant.

Made by Marina Sánchez (Facilities Design Engineer)