Electric Project in Concrete Plant (Mexico)

MEP-Projects was the company responsible of developing the electrical engineering for the new construction project of a concrete plant in Mexico. Among the tasks performed are:

  • Electrical design criteria.
  • Ground system:
    • Calculations.
    • Set of plans, both aerial and buried.
    • Assembly details of the same.
  • Low and Medium Voltage electrical cables:
    • Calculations
    • Measurements for purchases.
    • Routed all the wiring.
  • Cable ducts, aerial type:
    • Calculation and sizing of the trays.
    • Measurements for trays purchases.
    • Plans of the trays.
  • Technical specifications:
    • Electric panels.
    • Land system.
    • Electric cables.
    • Mounting specifications.
  • Electric uniforms.
  • Schemes developed for the Motor Control Center.
  • 3D development of the plant, including all the electrical elements involved, electrical panels and trays

The development of the entire electrical project was carried out under the corresponding State Regulation.