MEP-Projects is currently working on the engineering development of several water desalination plants using SWRO (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis) technology.

MEP-Projects has a large team of professionals specialized in several of the areas that are required for the success of this type of project, among them, the design team and the instrumentation and control team.

The involvement of MEP-Projects in the engineering development of these projects is divided into several phases or tasks:

  • Elaboration of the piping and instrumentation diagrams of the installation (P&ID) and the plant layouts:
Picture 1 - Plant Layout
  • Definition of the system’s control architectures where we generate the basic documentation to establish the general structure of the communications that will be implemented later in the plant.
  • Generation of the lists of instruments, valves and electrical equipment. These lists are used mainly to generate the data sheets of each instrument, which will be used for the purchases of the same.
Picture 2 - Piping and instrumentation diagram of the installation (P&ID)
  • Definición de las arquitecturas de control del sistema donde generamos la documentación básica para establecer la estructura general de las comunicaciones que se implementarán más adelante en la planta.
  • Generación de listas de instrumentos, válvulas y equipos eléctricos. Estas listas se utilizan principalmente para generar las hojas de datos de cada instrumento, que se utilizarán para la compra del mismo.
Picture 3 - Instrumentation data sheet

In addition, from these lists, we generate the list of signals, which will be received or sent by the Distributed Control System (DCS), and the lists of wires through which the signals of each instrument, valve or equipment will be carried.


  • Definition and establishment of the design criteria for instrumentation and control, which must be respected during the development of the project.


  • Definition of the technical specifications for instruments and valves. These specifications establish the minimum technical conditions to be met by contractors for the design and installation of the instrumentation and control package, within the scope defined in the applicable purchasing specification.


  • Tabulations of bids received for instruments and valves for subsequent purchase.

After the completion of all these phases in which MEP-Project is involved or strongly collaborates, the purchase, shipment and installation of each plant element is carried out.