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Today’s market demands a vision of engineering projects where designs can be visualized in virtual reality from an early design phase in order to solve potential challenges and optimize the creative and execution process.

Clients express a growing need to understand in a more agile and accessible way the details of their projects, looking for a perspective that resembles reality. This desire is satisfied through the application of advanced technologies, such as 3D vision, which allows them to immerse themselves more immediately and effectively in the representation of their projects, thus facilitating a detailed and rapid understanding.

But not only such a view is developed with the achievement of images that show a more static reality, but it is also important to be able to move within the reality that is being built (virtual reality) through videos.

MEP-PROJECTS is moving in this direction day by day, developing the best applications to approach this goal as requested as necessary. That is why we not only grow in the knowledge of different programs but also in the improvement of the resources we have.

In line with our ongoing commitment to improvement and excellence, we have taken the initiative to further strengthen our BIM team through the use of RTX 3080 graphics cards, which not only ensure optimal efficiency and capacity of the work performed, but also significantly boost the performance capabilities of our team, allowing us to more effectively and accurately address the challenges and projects that arise in the engineering field.

The dynamic market for engineering projects demands an innovative perspective that generates virtual reality visualization of designs from the earliest stages. MEP-Projects excels in solving challenges, making it easier for our clients to understand their projects through a three-dimensional visual experience that is close to reality.

In our constant quest to provide innovative solutions, we not only limit ourselves to presenting static images that reflect a virtual reality, but we also recognize the importance of allowing clients to immerse themselves in the reality of construction through dynamic videos.

MEP-Projects remains committed to this progressive vision, developing the best applications to meet this growing demand. Not only are we expanding our expertise in various programmes, but we are also continuously improving our resources.

In this line of action, we are pleased to highlight the continuous improvements in our BIM equipment. We have high quality equipment and have further optimised its performance to ensure optimal efficiency and capacity in the execution of our work. These improvements demonstrate our ongoing commitment to excellence and meeting our clients’ needs in the exciting world of engineering.

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