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MEP-Projects is proud to have been selected to conduct the electrical study of an earthing installation intended for an electrical substation located on a platform in Northern Europe, a marine structure designed to support offshore wind generation.

The substation presents a unique complexity, operating with different voltage levels, ranging from 220V in direct current to 340kV in alternating current. Additionally, it has a transmission power of 900MW at 320kVdc. This project stands out as one of the most complex and high-capacity substations in renewable generation.

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Through our experience in various projects, we have conducted a thorough assessment of the pros and cons associated with an installation of such unique characteristics. We are referring to a fully metallic platform situated in a marine environment, exposed to the harshness of climatic elements, adverse environmental conditions, tidal variations, as well as the inherent risks of corrosion and wear.

This complex installation necessitates a detailed consideration of multiple factors. Our focus lies in the prevention and response to unforeseeable events, such as short circuits, lightning impacts, and potential electromagnetic interferences.

The central focus of our intervention is to achieve a fully equipotential platform. This goal entails the electrical connection of all interconnected points on the platform, encompassing both structural and constructive aspects. It is crucial that this connection is carried out comprehensively and without prejudice to the cathodic protection applied to various materials, which could lead to corrosive processes and wear over time, thus compromising the integrity of the electrical connection.


After completing the design phase, the critical step is to verify, assess, and validate the installation using specialized software capable of three-dimensional simulation of the proposed platform design. This software employs finite element techniques to accurately model the structural and functional aspects of the design. The uniqueness of this simulation lies in the distinct nature of the structure, situated either above ground level or seabed.

At MEP-Projects, we have advanced tools that provide us with the capability to identify and assess the most vulnerable points of the platform. Through a meticulous process of recognition and verification, we strive to find the most satisfactory and viable solution for our clients.

The priority in our approach is to ensure that the proposed solution is not only technically sound but also safe, operationally efficient, and guarantees optimal performance over time.

At MEP-Projects, we are proud to announce the success of our Grounding Study for a High Voltage Offshore Electrical Substation. This project represents a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our expertise and capability to tackle complex challenges.

This achievement reaffirms our commitment to technical excellence and customer satisfaction. At MEP-Projects, we will continue to advance at the forefront of electrical engineering, delivering innovative and reliable solutions for electrical infrastructure projects.

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