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In our professional career, MEP-Projects covers a wide range of successful projects both inside and outside the European Community, including major international destinations such as Saudi Arabia and South America. This geographical diversity reflects our ability to adapt to different environments and regulations, while maintaining our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

With a focus on quality and efficiency, we are always ready to take on solar energy projects anywhere in the world, seeking to achieve the greatest success in each one of them.

Among the various projects we have carried out, we highlight the following:

PFV 120 MWp in Madrid

MEP-Projects carried out the Detail Engineering for the construction of a Photovoltaic Plant, 45/220 kV Substation and Transmission Line in Madrid (Spain).

With a total capacity of 120 MW, the plant is organized into 15 transformer stations, each collecting power generated by 1100 kW inverters. The strategic arrangement of the modules, installed on fixed structures located both near and in the center of the aircraft pits, reflects our meticulous attention to detail.
to efficiency and space in various areas of the airport.


As part of our integral responsibility, MEP-Projects takes on electrical, civil and control engineering, addressing every detail with a proactive and professional approach.

Our scope covered electrical, civil and control engineering, with emphasis on:

A. Plans and drawings for electromechanical elements.
B. Detailed design of civil works.
C. Drawings and diagrams for wiring and connections.
D. Listings and detailed quotations.
E. Comprehensive electrical studies

PFV 130 MWp in Colombia

MEP-Projects developed the Detail Engineering for the construction of the photovoltaic plant in Colombia.
This 540 MWp installation, a single-axis solar tracker type with bifacial modules, has a peak power of 132 MWp and 130 MWn, distributed over 18 transformer stations.

Image 2.- BIM model rendering of the photovoltaic plant.

Our team covered Electrical and Control Engineering, including tasks such as:

– Design of electromechanical elements (cables, structures, substations, piping, etc.).
– Precise details for wiring, connections and communications.
– Listings and Budget of Quantities.
– Electrical studies: cable sizing, grounding calculations, lightning protection, load flow, short circuit and protection coordination.

PFV 133MWp in Atarfe, Granada

We carried out the detailed engineering of a plant in Granada, Spain, with a capacity of 133 MWp. This project covered key disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical and control engineering, with detailed production and electrical studies.

Some of the tasks highlighted in the engineering development process of this project are as follows:

  • Civil Engineering:
    – Planning of earthworks, piles and foundations.
    – Innovative O&M building design and security.
    – Strategies for fencing and stormwater runoff.
    – Design of metal supports for equipment.
  • Electrical Engineering:
    – Detailed cable routing calculations and design.
    – Specifications and lists of electrical materials.
    – Strategic design of boxes for photovoltaic strings.
    – Efficient configuration of equipment distribution.
  • I&C Engineering:
    – Control architecture and signal lists.
    – Details in equipment specifications and SCADA.
    – Effective CCTV design and control cable routing.
    – Bills of materials and I&C equipment layout.
  • Studies:
    – Production and electrical analysis, such as load flow, short circuit, harmonics, protection coordination and grounding. This approach ensured success and excellence in all phases of the renewable energy project.

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