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The MEP-Projects Group occupies a leading position at national and international level in the field of design and assembly of plumbing facilities and more complex hydraulic facilities. In the field of hydraulic facilities, both industrial and traditional plumbing, we stand out for offering cutting-edge solutions in the design, assembly, calculation and optimisation of facilities for various types of spaces.

The professionals on our team specialised in facilities design solutions that range from the objective of sustainability to the implementation of latest generation technologies to maximise water and energy efficiency.

With a holistic approach, we approach plumbing facilities from a holistic perspective, considering key aspects such as the best technical solution, economic optimisation, and ease of assembly and maintenance. Our mission is to create environments where functionality is combined with efficiency, enhancing the user experience and contributing to sustainable development. We don’t just create plumbing facilities; we create systems that drive progress and efficiency in the use of water.

Our multidisciplinary team carries out the economic study, design and calculations up to the assembly and commissioning of the different projects, maintaining direct and constant contact with our clients in all the processes where we provide customised solutions that maximise economic and energy efficiency. Our company’s perspective ranges from the optimisation of the initial design to the continuous improvement of existing facilities. 

An example of an organisation chart for the assembly team, for new plumbing facilities, is shown in the following image:

For all of the above, MEP-Projects is positioned as your reliable partner for the design and assembly of plumbing facilities. Contact us and discover the future of plumbing facilities with MEP-Projects and let us bring your project to reality.

Made by Miguel Morán (Technical Architect & Facilities Specialist)