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DOIT Innovation Technologies, a subsidiary of MEP-Projects group, has embarked on an ambitious initiative that promises to revolutionize daily interaction with artificial intelligence. Their latest project focuses on democratizing advanced image and video analysis by leveraging the robustness of generative text models at our fingertips.

The proposal includes a web platform and a mobile app that will allow users to request text AIs, like ChatGPT and others, to analyze their personal videos. This functionality ranges from pattern and person recognition to data analysis and behavior prediction, opening a range of possibilities for conjecturing situations and drawing conclusions.

The development of this project is an interdisciplinary challenge that encompasses software development, machine learning, image and video processing, and possibly, the design of specific hardware.

The team has tackled the following key points:

  • Video Interface: An intuitive user interface has been designed that facilitates video analysis and playback, whether through direct upload or streaming.
  • Video Processing: Techniques of computer vision and machine learning are employed to process the content of videos, performing tasks such as object detection and facial recognition.
  • Information Extraction: After processing the video, relevant information is extracted and converted into a format understandable for ChatGPT, such as descriptive texts. This is the current focus of improvement by the software team.
  • Integration with ChatGPT: A specific API has been developed that allows seamless information exchange between the platform and ChatGPT.
  • Hardware and Resources: It has been necessary to expand the servers’ capacity for the storage and processing of videos.


Initial tests are being carried out with commercial drones, security cameras, and mobile devices, indicating the potential applicability in a wide range of scenarios.

In conclusion, this project by DOIT Innovation Technologies is a step towards the future where AI becomes even more accessible and applicable in people’s daily lives. By facilitating the understanding and analysis of large volumes of visual data, the company positions itself at the forefront of technological innovation, promising to transform how we interact with and leverage artificial intelligence to enhance our analytical capabilities and decision-making. With this development, the MEP-Projects group is not only expanding its portfolio of technological services but also contributing significantly to the advancement of human interaction with machines.

Made by Fran Gallego (CTO – Chief Technology Officer)